As an affordable, durable and sustainable construction choice, concrete gives shape to our cities and towns across all types of commercial applications - shops, hotels, restaurants, offices, industrial buildings, schools and hospitals. 

It’s used to create strong, durable buildings and healthy, comfortable interior environments, and it delivers excellent fire resistance and good acoustic performance.

Concrete buildings also leave a small environmental footprint across their long life, contributing to lower whole of-life energy costs.

The high thermal mass of concrete lends itself to efficient, passive thermal design solutions, and its relatively light colour (high Albedo) can considerably reduce the heat-island effect of cities and towns. 

Concrete construction is tried and tested, relatively quick, and well supported by national distribution chains – all reasons why it’s the construction industry’s ‘go to’  for commercial projects. 

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Case Study: SAHMRI


Concrete: The Lifeblood of Building Brochure