When it comes to infrastructure, concrete is the most economical, enduring and fit-for-purpose construction choice.

It delivers strong performance across all three pillars of sustainability – social, environmental and economic. 

In fact, without it much of the efficient and affordable infrastructure we take for granted – such as roads, bridges, tunnels, airports, ports and dams - would not exist.

The unique performance requirements of infrastructure projects can present considerable challenges for building materials. They must be durable over long periods of time (100 years +), resistant to corrosion, insect attack, abrasion, collision, impact, explosion, vandalism, flooding, drought, low and high temperatures, wind, fire, earthquake and salt, acid and chemical attack.

Concrete is uniquely placed to deliver on all fronts. Its strength, durability, resilience and low maintenance has been proven over and over again, in all types of environments and conditions. (Indeed, its ability to survive major disasters - in working order - is essential to disaster recovery processes.) 

All of which demonstrates it is the logical choice for safe, sustainable and long-lasting infrastructure. 

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Benefits of Concrete Runways