QLD - CCAA Innovation Awards 2017 

The CCAA Innovation Awards 2017 in Queensland were conferred on Friday 11 August by the Hon Michael (Mick) de Brenni MP, Minister for Housing and Public Works and Minister for Sport, at the 2017 Construction Materials Industry Dinner at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.  

Over 200 guests attended the gala event to celebrate outstanding achievements across the heavy construction materials industry in environmental innovation, health and safety innovation and community leadership. In 2017, a strong number of 30 entries were submitted across the three awards, which focus on improving environmental performance, health and safety outcomes, and community leadership.

To view our QLD nominees and their initiatives, please click here.

Environmental Innovation

This award is for outstanding achievement in developing and successfully applying a new initiative or an original solution in one or more aspects of environmental management at a concrete, extractive, or cement operation.

WInner: Braeside Quarries Pty Ltd - Braeside Quarry – Recycled Rubber Explosives 
Braeside Quarry has developed, tested and implemented a recycled rubber explosives process which is fossil fuel free through the substitution of diesel (fossil fuel) for recycled rubber tyres.  An environmentally friendly alternative to ANFO and emulsion explosives, the product is completely waterproof, provides for the elimination of possible noxious gas emissions, reduces stores of unwanted rubber tyres, and is safe, efficient and effective.  The judges were impressed with this innovative idea which has extensive industry application while providing an alternative use for a waste product – rubber tyres, and believed it to be a great example of environmental sensitivity, waste reduction, and resourcefulness.   

Sarah Macoun (HopgoodGanim Lawyers), Joanne Payne (Braeside Quarries Pty Ltd), The Hon Mick de Brenni MP (Minister for Housing and Public Works and Minister for Sport

Highly Commended: Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd – Beenleigh Quarry – Stormwater Management Upgrade
The Holcim Beenleigh Quarry has continued to implement a sustainable and comprehensive stormwater management system.  This continuous improvement program includes undertaking detailed site catchment assessments, hydraulic modelling and computer simulations, installing additional hi-flow pumping capacity, real-time dam level data, and automated treatment of runoff (whether from rainfall or from site pumping activities).   

Evan Smith (Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd), The Hon Mick de Brenni MP (Minister for Housing and Public Works and Minister for Sport), Sarah Macoun (HopgoodGanim Lawyers)

Health & Safety Innovation

This award recognises excellence in developing and implementing an innovative solution to an identified health and safety issue.

Winner: Boral Australia - Logistics Wacol 
Improving Tipping Safety with Visual Aids One safety issue the industry works hard to avoid is dog trailers tipping up on their tailgates when tipping.  Through collaboration and trials involving staff, engineering managers and drivers, Boral Logistics came up with the innovative idea of installing tailgate finger lock indicator lights enabling drivers to easily confirm if their tailgate locks are open or closed.  The lights are triggered by a proximity switch fitted to the tailgate fingers.  The system also includes a camera mounted on the inside of tipper bins so drivers can visually check if their load is properly centred.  The judges welcomed this simple yet highly effective concept to address a significant safety issue and also acknowledged how this innovation came directly from the “shop floor”; and was a collaborative team effort.   

Peter Ambrose (Qld Aggregates Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd), Wade Clark (Boral Australia), The Hon Mick de Brenni MP (Minister for Housing and Public Works and Minister for Sport)

Highly Commended: Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd – QLD Aggregates - Positive Zero Harm 
In order to improve safety performance, Holcim Queensland Aggregates has introduced a simple yet effective solution through the Positive Zero Harm Process.  This innovative program focusses on the way employees lead, learn and talk about safety and highlights positive actions.  The implementation of the process has led to a TRIFR reduction of 80% inside 14 months, with 3 operations in Queensland achieving 1 year totally injury free, and maintaining near zero overdue actions across the entire state for over 12 months.  

Highly Commended: Hanson Australia Pty Ltd - Logistics - Designing a Safer Work Platform for Prime Movers 
Prime movers generally come with a small platform in the middle of the chassis rails, however, these may be uneven, resulting in drivers having to climb over hoses or electrical leads.  To counteract these issues, Hanson Logistics have designed and implemented a safe three step access to their trucks.  By connecting with a larger flat working platform at the rear of the cab, and including extra grab handles, drivers can maintain three points of contact at all times to reduce slips, trips and falls resulting in improved safety outcomes.   

Highly Commended: Boral Australia – Petrie Quarry - Respirable Dust Management Program 
Boral Petrie Quarry has established and implemented a detailed and integrated dust control management plan to manage this important health and safety issue.  Through detailed planning, evaluation and assessment, this comprehensive plan includes demarcation of designated areas, dust booth, positive air pressure respirators, positive pressure in buildings and heavy mining equipment, increased capacity water cart and fill point, moisture control of dust product, dust suppressor hopper, water fogging system, boot washers, and installation of a new amenity block with additional shower units. 

Peter Ambrose (Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd), Amerie Jackson, Michael Higgins (Boral Australia), David Smith (Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd), Hayden Post (Hanson Australia Pty Ltd), The Hon Mick de Brenni MP (Minister for Housing and Public Works and Minister for Sport) 

Community Leadership

This award recognises an exceptional contribution a CCAA member has made in enhancing the public perception and standing of the heavy construction materials industry

Winner: Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd - Beenleigh Quarry - Ongoing Community Engagement Program 
Holcim Beenleigh Quarry has continued to strengthen and positively raise the public profile of the quarrying industry with its comprehensive local community engagement program.  A proactive range of measures have been implemented such as assisting the Rural Fire Brigade to manage bushfires, protecting the Ormeau bottle tree, reducing illegal trespass through 4G camera technology, inviting local schools on site tours and education sessions in truck/road safety, SMS blast notification system, and undertaking detailed community air quality assessments.  The judges were impressed with this proactive and operator driven initiative which has been evolving to meet the needs of the local community.       

The Hon Mick de Brenni MP (Minister for Housing and Public Works and Minister for Sport), David Smith (Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd), Charlie Stoneman (Hanson Australia Pty Ltd) 

Highly Commended:  HY-TEC Industries Pty Ltd - Queensland Quarry Sites – Community Awareness and Education Program 
Hy-tec Industries has established a Community Awareness and Education program at their Coominya and Calcium (Townsville) quarries including the development of an educational package for local school children.  The detailed material consists of a geographic and environmental presentation on topics such as geology, local flora, safety, and general quarry information.  The students also participated in a guided tour of the quarry facility, and native tree planting session onsite.  Due to the success of the program, Hy-tec Industries is commencing the initiative across their other Queensland quarries. 

Highly Commended – Community Leadership: The Hon Mick de Brenni MP (Minister for Housing and Public Works and Minister for Sport), Aiden Owens, Amanda Croker (Hy-tec Industries Pty Ltd), Charlie Stoneman (Hanson Australia Pty Ltd)

Award Sponsors

CCAA would also like to thank our Awards Sponsors - Hopgood Ganim LawyersHolcim Australia, and Hanson Australia Pty Ltd, MC Sponsor – Riverside Industrial Sands, Centrepiece Sponsor- Mapei Australia, Dessert Sponsor - Wagners, Photography Sponsor – Boral Australia, AV Sponsor – Penetron.

CCAA also acknowledges the support of the event’s Government Supporters - Department of Transport and Main Roads, and Workplace Health and Safety Queensland


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