WA - CCAA Innovation Awards 2017

The CCAA WA Construction Materials Industry Dinner was held at the Crown Plaza on Friday, 4 August 2017. The CCAA WA Innovation Awards were presented at the dinner. These awards recognise innovation in environmental management, health and safety performance and exceptional community leadership. They also demonstrate the commitment of the heavy construction materials industry to continually improve its performance in these areas, to a range of stakeholders, including government, industry peers and the broader community.

To view our WA nominees and their initiatives, please click here.


Environmental Innovation

This award is for outstanding achievement in developing and successfully applying a new initiative or an original solution in one or more aspects of environmental management at a concrete, extractive, or cement operation.

Winner - Hanson Australia Pty Ltd: Dieback Management in Quarrying

Hanson has embarked on a state wide redevelopment of hard rock and sand quarry operations located in the South West in an effort to responsibly restrict the spread of Dieback across the state, and reduce the risk to restoration efforts onsite. Phytophthora Dieback is an introduced plant disease which causes severe and widespread damage to native plants in Western Australia. The pathogen causes root rot thereby limiting or completely preventing the uptake of water and nutrients. Over 40% of native WA plant species are vulnerable to Phytophthora Dieback with over 50% of WA's rare or endangered flora species being susceptible.

Honourable Peter Tinley & Lisa-Jane Hults

Highly Commended: Hanson Australia Pty Ltd - Canning Vale Concrete Plant Returned Concrete Management System

Hanson’s Canning Vale Concrete Plant has implemented a system that reduces the environmental impact of managing returned concrete from a customer’s site. This system reduces truck travelling time and therefore diesel consumption; it also creates a more manageable material compared to either allowing concrete to harden or be saturated with water in pits. The process mixes manufactured sand with returned concrete which is discharged into ground bins and mixed further with front end loaders to produce road base and fill products.

Honourable Peter Tinley & Gavin Chea

Highly Commended: WA BLUEMETAL - Whitby Quarry Overburden Management
Traditional solutions typically involve stockpiling quarry overburden material in large heaps that sterilise the underlying land, are often unsightly, and subject to erosion. WA Bluemetal’s solution was to spread the overburden in a relatively thin layer over a large area of pasture adjacent to the quarry and then shape it to match the original landform and revegetate. With this method the use of the land is not affected and once the vegetation is established, the placed overburden will be indistinguishable from other pasture.

Honourable Peter Tinley & Roger Stephens

Highly Commended: Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd - Jandabup Sand Quarry Fuel Storage Solution
Jandabup Sand Quarry has experienced a high level of theft and break-ins since its establishment. Theft and damage to the sites fuel storage units and potential risk of spills to the sand over the Public Drinking Water Supply area -Gnangara mound, have led the site to engineer an innovative solution that eliminates risk of theft and potential for spillage.

Honourable Peter Tinley & Neil Dieroff

Health & Safety Innovation

This award recognises excellence in developing and implementing an innovative solution to an identified health and safety issue.

Winner: Cockburn Cement Limited - Munster Innovative ISO Container Handrail & Platform System
Cockburn Cement Limited  (CCL) has changed the rail fleet model from a pneumatic rail wagon fleet to an all ISO fleet for the loading of bulk products. Working at heights safety is a priority for CCL, and as loading of ISO containers included additional hatches to be opened, a new unique innovative handrail system was implemented for the new containers.

Honourable Peter Tinley & Terry Linto

Highly Commended: Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd - Perth Metro Tipper Body to Chassis Alarm - Hydraulic Sensor
Holcim introduced a “minimum safety hardware” mandate requiring all end-tipper bodied trucks and trailers to be fitted with an audible alarm that sounds constantly when the tipper is raised and only stops when the tipper body has made full contact back to the chassis. Innovative hydraulic sensors have been applied to these vehicles as a result.

Honourable Peter Tinley & Mark Burke

Highly Commended: Boral Australia - Screen Access Rollaway Chute
As part of a multi-million dollar upgrade to the quarry, Boral undertook a Risk Management process to identify where hazards may exist and provide an action plan for the correction of the safety issues identified. One particular area of safety concern surrounded access to the only screen in the primary crusher circuit where regular maintenance takes place. The safety risks were resolved by the design and effective installation of a purpose built triple deck screen access rollaway chute and safe entry platform.

Honourable Peter Tinley & Matt Hardy

Community Leadership

This award recognises an exceptional contribution a CCAA member has made in enhancing the public perception and standing of the heavy construction materials industry.

WINNER: Cockburn Cement Limited - Munster Cockburn Cement iWomen Project 2017 
The Cockburn Cement iWOMEN Project is a program for the Kwinana Industry region, providing an insight into industry for potential future female employees. The program includes a site visit to Cockburn Cement’s Munster and Kwinana plants, resume preparation, mock interviews, meeting women in industry which aim to increase the student’s awareness about the employment opportunities in industry.

Honourable Peter Tinley & Venessa Rodeghiero