QLD - CCAA Innovation Awards 2018

The 2018 Queensland CCAA Innovation Awards Dinner was held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre on Friday 3 August 2018. The awards were conferred by Mr Chris Whiting MP, Member for Bancroft representing the Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning.

200 guests attended the gala event to celebrate outstanding achievements across the heavy construction materials industry in environmental innovation, health and safety innovation, and community leadership. 

In 2018, a strong number of 31 entries were submitted across the three awards.

CCAA wishes to congratulate all the 2018 finalists on their efforts and contributions to improvement and innovation this year. CCAA congratulates the following entries on winning their categories:

Environmental Innovation Award | WINNER: Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd - Bli Bli Quarry - Floating Flocculation System

Bli Bli Quarry installed an innovative floating flocculation system in the site's final water treatment dam to treat water prior to release from site. The system enables the site to treat water faster, using less chemical treatment and dischrding higher quality water. The new system allows access to the quarry pit sooner following large rainfall events.

Winner - Environmental Innovation Award. L - R: Evan Smith (Holcim Australia), Chris Whiting MP, Olivia Williamson (Hopgood Ganim Lawyers).

Environmental Innovation Award | HIGHLY COMMENDED: Boral Australia - Boral Quarries - Electrical Efficiency Improvements in Quarry Operations 

Introducing the Boral Energy Management Action Plan, resulted in a 13% increase in energy efficiency over the past 12 months. The plan includes more frequent data collection and analysis of energy use (as half hourly intervals for at least 12 months), energy saving controls for after production hours, reduction of maximum demand and demand monitoring integration into its computer control system, and a better ongoing monitoring and reporting of energy use.

Highly Commended - Environmental Innovation Award. L - R: Russel Wilson (Boral Australia), Chris Whiting MP, Olivia Williamson (Hopgood Ganim Lawyers).


Health & Safety Innovation Award | WINNER: Boral Australia - Wacol Depot - Truck Body Prop

Dual prop system to support the raised body of tipper trucks and trailers to allow safe access and eliminate any uncontrolled lowering of the truck/trailer body. The props effectively engineered out the risk of a truck or trailer body descending uncontrolled whilst being worked on in the raised position. Workshop staff feel more at ease when working under raised bodies with the new props in place knowing that the bin is securely held in position. This innovation was the product of a risk identified by the workshop mechanics and their collective design, development and fabrication of a solution. 

Winner Health & Safety Innovation. L-R: Greg Baumgart (Boral Australia), Chris Whiting MP, Peter Ambrose (Holcim Australia). 

Health & Safety Innovation Award | HIGHLY COMMENDED: Hanson Australia Pty Ltd - Mackay Laboratory - Innovation in Cylinder Transport

An innovative design of new containers and a lightweight aluminium crate allowing for the unloading of test cylinders from a comfortable position on the ground, reducing the risk of back strain. This new transport system replaces the traditional method of utilising PVC tubes, which kept cylinders moist, but were awkward to handle and required two people for unloading. The introduction of this new method of cylinder transportation means there is a much lower risk of back strain and long term injury, as well as a valuable time saving - what used to be a two-person job can now be done by one person. 

Highly Commended Health & Safety Innovation. L-R: Michael Booy (Hanson Australia), Chris Whiting MP, Peter Ambrose (Holcim Australia).

Health & Safety Innovation Award | HIGHLY COMMENDED: Wagners Holding Co Ltd - Wacol - Safety Management System

The introduction of a new comprehensive management system, along with a number of initiatives supported by the system framework, to drive improvements in safety culture. Hazard and incident reports are now entered directly into the cloud-based SERA system, almost eliminating the paper based system, and close to 400 safety conversations are made per month. Since the introduction of the new safety management system there has been a dramatic change in safety culture and reduction in safety incidents - the total recordable injury frequency rates has dropped from 60, to a three year average of 5 per 1,000,000 work hours.

Highly Commended Health & Safety Innovation. L-R: Andrew MacQueen (Wagners Holding Co Ltd), Chris Whiting MP, Peter Ambrose (Holcim Australia).

Community Leadership Award | WINNER: Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd - Beenleigh Quarry - Cultural Day

Holcim's Beenleigh Quarry and the Yugambeh people, the traditional owners of the Gold Coast region, celebrated the 5 year anniversary of their Memorandum of Understanding with a series of cultural and spiritual events. These activities enabled staff, their families and the Yugambeh community to celebrate and also represent the ongoing, collaborative relationship between Beenleigh Quarry and the Yugambeh community. This relationship built over time provide for open communication and has resulted in strong community support for the quarry and the broader industry.

Winner Community Leadership Award. L-R: David Smith (Holcim Australia), Chris Whiting MP, Charlie Stoneman (Hanson Australia)

Community Leadership Award | HIGHLY COMMENDED: Hy-Tec Industries - All Quarry Sites - School Educational Program

Hy-Tec Industries Queensland is now entering its third year of engaging schools located near its quarries to participate in the School Educational Program which was created to educate the younger generations of the necessity for the quarries existence and also to ensure the local communities are aware of our business attributes. The program includes arranging site visits for local schools, and native tree planting. The presentation and site tour has now been adopted as part of the science, geography and HASS curriculum across primary school year levels. 

Highly Commended Community Leadership Award. L-R: Chris Whiting MP (Member for Bancroft), Trevor McDonald (Hy-Tec Industries), Charlie Stoneman (Hanson Australia).