NSW - CCAA Innovation Awards 2019

The 2019 New South Wales CCAA Innovation Awards Dinner was held on 16 August 2019 at the Grand Pavilion - Rosehill Gardens Racecourse.
Over 280 industry stakeholders and guests attended the evening to acknowledge the outstanding achievements and commitment to continual improvement of the heavy construction materials industry across the areas of environmental innovation, health & safety innovation, community engagement and diversity & inclusion.

We also ran another successful Truck Guard which displayed a range of exciting new vehicles.

Our entertainment for the event, artist Brad Blaze proved to be very popular.

This year, we received 24 nominations across the four award categories. 

CCAA Would like to congratulate all the entrants and winners in the state awards:

Environmental Innovation Award | WINNER: Boral Australia - Boral Berrima Cement - Fueling our Future: The Solid Waste Project
Boral Cement Berrima Works has implemented a project to replace upto 30% of the fossil fuel (coal) used to fire the cement kiln at Berrima with fuels derived from waste. These waste derived fuels would have otherwise entered landfill and their diversion provides a significant service to the local community and a significant reduction in GHG emissions.

Health & Safety Innovation Award | WINNER: Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd - Holcim Logistics - Safe Tip
The Safe Tip innovation is a walking floor heavy combination which eliminates the risk of tipper body failure, contact with overhead powerlines or structures during tipping or inadvertent body raising during transport. Due to it’s unique configuration, the Safe Tip vehicle also delivers efficiencies and cost reductions, reducing number of heavy vehicle movements.


Health & Safety Innovation Award | HIGHLY COMMENDED - Boambee Quarry Super Lightweight Jaw Crusher Shims Safety Innovation (Holcim)

Holcim’s Boambee Quarry have replaced OEM ‘shims’ used to adjust the closed side setting of our Jaw crusher. OEM shims are very heave and are made of mild steel. These have now been replicated by a super lightweight polyurethane design.

Health & Safety Innovation Award | HIGHLY COMMENDED - Screen Cleaning Device (Hytec Austen Quarry)

Screen Cleaning Device to eliminate the need for personnel to enter the vibrating screen area or be in the vicinity of a hazardous environment.

Community Engagement Award| WINNER: Boral Australia - Peppertree Quarry & Marulan Cement - Boral Youth Leadership & Development Initiative
Boral’s Marulan South operations have developed a Stakeholder Engagement Program with input from the community. During consultation, a gap in promoting the development of young people as potential future leaders was identified. Not only for Boral but the local extractive industry and its suppliers. Boral have embarked on a number of strategies for various age groups to develop local youth.

Community Engagement Award| HIGHLY COMMENDED - Social Media for Engagement on Planning (Boral)
Social media has been integrated as an everyday part of doing business across many industries, but the extractive sector has remained relatively reserved about its use. Boral’s Land and Property Group has combined with the Boral Communications Centre to change perceptions on how Facebook can be leveraged for better community engagement outcomes, especially in support of planning applications.

Community Engagement Award | HIGHLY COMMENDED - Cleary Bros Historic Museum (Cleary Bros)
Cleary Bros provide meaningful and unique engagement with the local community, encouraging enthusiasts and the wider community to visit their Museum in Port Kembla, which houses over 30 working items of historical machinery. A Museum open day was attended by more than 1250 people in September 2018, raising over $7000 for the Big Dry Drought Appeal.

Diversity & Inclusion Award | WINNER: Hanson Australia Pty Ltd - Bass Point Quarry - Amenable Amenities Future Proofing Infrastructure at Hanson
Hanson’s Bass Point Quarry has commissioned construction of an amenities building to support a diverse and changing workforce. Completed in June 2019, its key inclusive features include moveable restroom partition walls to accommodate increased female workforce representation, a private room and combined facilities for Quarry and Transport staff to facilitate a more cohesive workforce.