QLD - CCAA Innovation Awards 2019

The 2019 Queensland CCAA Innovation Awards Dinner were conferred on 9 August 2019 at the W Hotel Brisbane by the Hon. Leeanne Enoch MP, Minister for Environment and the Great Barrier Reef, Minister for Science and Minister for Arts, and Kate du Preez, the Commissioner for Mine Safety and Health.

Some 250 guests attended the event to celebrate outstanding achievements across the heavy construction materials industry in environmental innovation, health & safety innovation, community engagement, and for the first time in 2019 - Diversity & Inclusion.

In 2019, a strong number of 28 entries were submitted across the four award categories.

CCAA wishes to congratulate all the 2019 finalists on their efforts and contributions to improvement and innovation this year. CCAA congratulates the following entries on winning their categories:

Environmental Innovation Award | WINNER: Hanson Australia Pty Ltd - Wolffdene Quarry - A Floccing Great Innovation

When an employee was unable to find a commercially available water treatment system suitable for the site conditions they built one from recycled and repurposed materials onsite. The stormwater management system combines pump and sprinkler systems to distribute liquid flocculant through a network of block flocculant dispersal points. Costing less than $1,400.00, the system efficiently and effectively provides stormwater treatment at a low cost, and during a significant rain event, the system was able to substantially reduce sediments in just one day.

Photo: (L-R) Dave Leahy (Hanson), Nick Dennis (Hanson) and the Hon. Leeanne Enoch MP (Minister for Environment and the Great Barrier Reef, Minister for Science and Minister for the Arts)

Health & Safety Innovation Award | WINNER: Boral Australia - Logistics QLD - A New Drawbar Design for Truck and Dog Tipper Trailers

A new drawbar design that fully protects all cabling and hoses, is completely self-cleaning, reduces maintenance costs and increases jack-knifeability has been developed. The design involves a drawbar based around a single central hollow main tube. All of the wiring, air hoses, and hydraulic lines are now 100% protected from any impact, damage or wear from the continuing dumping of quarry product on the drawbar. As no stones remain after tipping, the design also results in less likelihood of damage to other vehicles on the road, and improved relations between drivers and the motoring public.

Photo: (L-R) Sean Moroney (Boral) and Kate du Preez (Commissioner for Mine Safety & Health)

Health & Safety Innovation Award | HIGHLY-COMMENDED: Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd - Bohle Quarry - Pre-coat Tarp Manual Handling Reduction

The Holcim's Bohle Quarry team has developed an innovative tarp securing mechanism to secure protective tarps over pre-coated aggregates, eliminating manual handling injury risks associated with previous practices of using disused tyres. Following a manual handling back injury, workers set about identifying an alternative approach. This "from the shop floor" innovation involves a modified removalists' trolley fitted with large wheels for easy rolling on gravel surfaces, a 25kg plate (created from an off-cut BIS plate) and quick-hitch clips connecting the light stainless steel chain linked to the tarp edge through eyelets welded to the plate - total cost $102.00 per trolley.

Photo: (L-R) Kate du Preez (Commissioner for Mine Safety & Health) and David Smith (Holcim)

Community Engagement Award | WINNER: Hanson Australia Pty Ltd - Glass House Mountains Quarry - Community Engagement Plan

The Hanson Glass House Mountains Quarry has undertaken a wide range of activities to engage the local community and raise awareness of how the quarry contributes to the local area. The first Hanson site in Australia to have its' own Facebook page, the quarry has also hosted multiple school visits for a range of age groups. A community open day held in November 2018 included guided quarry tours and community partner displays. A subsequent site visit was also specially tailored for autistic children so they could experience the quarry environment with appropriate sensory levels.

Photo (L-R): Phil Cole (Hanson), Hannah Davidson (Hanson) and Kate du Preez (Commissioner for Mine Safety & Health)

Diversity & Inclusion Award | WINNER: Hy-tec Industries Pty Ltd - QLD Sites - Diversity and Inclusion for Women in Non-Traditional Roles

Hy-tec Industries has implemented a range of strategies to enable Diversity and Inclusion for women in non-traditional roles including Quarry Workers, Agitator Drivers, and Batch Plant Operators. By taking a different approach to recruitment, job advertisements outlined benefits such as full training and flexibility in working hours, and roles were advertised in local newspapers and schools. The strategy resulted in an increase in female employees, as well as a significant shift in general employee behaviour.

Photo (L-R): Kate du Preez (Commissioner for Mine Safety and Health), Liza Ratcliffe (Hy-Tec Industries) and Harry Clark (Hy-Tec Industries)

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