CCAA Innovation Awards 2019 - TASMANIA

The CCAA Innovation Awards Dinner was held on Friday 24 May 2019. Around 70 members, government representatives, sponsors and, guests enjoyed a relaxed evening with fine Tasmanian cuisine and wine in the beautifully appointed Jones & Co Room at the Henry Jones Art Hotel on the Hobart waterfront. The evening’s highlights were the CCAA Innovation Awards Tasmania conferred by the Minister for Resources and Minister for Building and Construction, the Hon. Sarah Courtney MP.

The Innovation Awards are separated into four categories:

- Environmental Innovation
- Health and Safety Innovation
- Community Leadership
- Diversity and Inclusion

CCAA congratulates our winners and finalists.

Environmental Innovation Award 
WINNER - Hanson Australia Pty Ltd – Concrete Returns Strategy 

Hanson developed a Concrete Returns Strategy to direct returned concrete which would have gone as waste, back to the plant to fill block molds.

Re-purposing rather than recycling the concrete saves:
• Time and cost to divert trucks to other sites
• Heavy traffic on public roads carting returned concrete to quarries or other disposal sites
• Energy to crush, screen, blend and manufacture fresh concrete

The concrete blocks can be used for bin walls, sign bases etc. Hanson has re-purposed approximately 5,000 tonnes of returned concrete since the implementation of this strategy.

The judges recognised that this nomination built on a strategy developed last year but now the numbers were in and a significant volume of concrete waste has been re-purposed. Clearly the strategy is working to move the industry more closely to a circular economy.

Minister Courtney presents Environmental Innovation Award to Kyle North representing Hanson Australia Pty Ltd.

Health and Safety Innovation Award
WINNER - Duggans Pty Ltd - Pre-cast panel trailer modifications

Larger and heavier pre-cast concrete panels can make the standard flat-bed trailers used for transport, top heavy and potentially unstable.

Duggans developed a low-slung trailer which carries the panels between the wheels significantly lowering the centre of gravity. A walkway structure was added to the trailer providing safe access for the rigger to the lifting pins, without having to use ladders or elevated platforms. A fleet of four trailers were modified increasing road safety and reducing fall hazards at the project sites.

The judges set this nomination apart because not only were working at heights problems with the larger panels resolved, but road safety issues were also improved. An innovative win all round that can benefit safety across the wider precast concrete industry.

Minister Courtney presents Health and Safety Innovation Award to Stephen Duggan representing Duggans Pty Ltd.

Community Leadership Award

Winner: Boral Australia - Community engagement program

During construction of the new concrete plant at Invermay, noise generated while driving piles was unavoidable.

Boral launched a pro-active community engagement program to help neighbours gain a sense of ownership of the new plant and to understand that the inconvenience would be short lived. The program consisted of newsletters, ‘one point of contact’ liaison and an invitation to the plant opening. Boral received mainly positive feedback from the community during the construction period.

The judges agreed that all industry sectors should recognise the pro-active approach to engaging with your community as best practice.  This nomination was highly regarded by the judges for this reason.

Minister Courtney presents Community Leadership Award to Gary Chapman representing Boral Australia.

Diversity & Inclusion Award

Winner: Hanson Australia Pty Ltd – Multicultural drivers program

Hanson Moonah looked around at their community and realised that diverse ethnic groups were not well represented in their workforce. The multicultural drivers program was devised to target a new and diverse group of candidates.

The new workers engaged are notable for their enthusiasm, dedication and have become an asset to the organisation. One third of Hanson’s agi-truck drivers at the Moonah site were engaged through the multicultural drivers program.

The judges were very impressed with Hanson’s approach to address a recruitment problem by looking at your community to see if your workforce is representative.

The judges acknowledged the particular challenges associated with driving cultural diversity. A great initiative with proven results and benefits for all.

Minister Courtney presents Community Leadership Award to Kyle North representing Hanson Australia Pty Ltd

Commendation: Duggans Pty Ltd – 26ten Literacy program

Some communities in Tasmania are known to have problems with adult literacy. Rather than allow literacy to remain a ‘barrier to entry’ into the quarry and concrete industry, Duggans sought to upskill any of their employees struggling with functional literacy after they were employed. Duggans used the 26ten government funded program to engage Adult Literacy Skills Officers to improve reading and comprehension skills in their workforce.

Minister Courtney presents Community Leadership Award to Stephen Duggan representing Duggans Pty Ltd