Construction Materials Industry Dinner 2016 Tasmania

Sixty seven members, partners and government representatives joined the Minister for Mines and Building and Construction for the CCAA CMID 2016. The function was held in the historic Jones & Co Room at the Henry Jones Art Hotel on Constitution Dock. Over the course of the evening the Master of Ceremonies our Mr Brian Hauser introduced speeches by the Tasmanian Committee Chair, Mr Michael Renfree and the Hon. Adam Brooks MP.

All the nominations in the Environmental, Health and Safety Awards 2016 Tasmania were presented to room and the Minister was able to confer the Awards on the winning entries. Hanson Heidelberg Cement Group was successful in both the Environmental Innovation Category and the Health and Safety Category.

Mr Brian Hauser, the Hon. Adam Brooks MP and Mr Michael Renfree at CMID 16 Tasmania


EHS Awards 2016 Tasmania


Hanson Heidelberg Cement Group - Power Generating Conveyor
Hanson’s Flag Staff Gully Quarry developed a downhill conveyor to overcome the need to run haul trucks up and down a steep incline. The electric motors on the conveyor run as brakes and generate electrical energy when the conveyor is loaded. The power generated is used to offset power consumed by other electrical plant.

Aerial view of power generating downhill conveyor at Flag Staff Gully Quarry 


Hanson Heidelberg Cement Group - Agitator truck chute vibrator

The agitator drivers at Hanson used a short handled semicircular scraper to pull the concrete down the agitator truck chute. This action presented a series of ergonomic problems;reaching across to the chute, twisting the body, and then exerting considerable force to drag the concrete down the chute.Following some internal investigations the Team at Hanson’s decided to trial a small eccentric mass vibrator activated by the truck’s compressed air and fitted to a u-channel welded to the underside of the truck chute.Since a successful trial, the entire Tasmanian fleet has had the chute vibrators fitted and no shoulder strain injuries have been recorded.

An eccentric mass vibrator fitted to an agitator truck chute