Minister presents Victorian EH&S Awards

The Victorian CCAA Environment, Health & Safety Awards were conferred by the Minister for Roads, Road Safety & Ports, Hon Luke Donnellan on Thursday 4th August at the CCAA Construction Materials Industry Dinner. 

In a first for Victoria, the Community Leadership Award was also conferred by Ms Gabrielle Williamson MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Industry & Employment, representing the Minster for Resources. The award recognises an exceptional contribution a CCAA member has made in enhancing the public perception and standing of the industry. This award is sponsored by the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport & Resources which will enable the winner to undertake IAP2 training in community engagement.  


Congratulations to:

  • Boral Construction Materials & Cement for winning the Health & Safety Innovation Award for their Articulated Dump Truck Tip Over Driver Warning,
  • Hanson Australia Pty Ltd for winning the Environmental Innovation Award for their Indirect Biodiversity Offset, and
  • Boral Construction Materials & Cement for winning the Community Leadership Award for their Stakeholder Perception Benchmarking.    

The EH&S Awards are run nationally and are designed to promote innovation and best practice in the heavy construction materials industry.  ‘The Awards are also a vehicle for placing exceptional performers in the spotlight and showcasing our industry to Government and the wider community’ said Brian Hauser, CCAA State Director Vic/Tas. Details of all 147 Award entrants from around Australia are available for viewing here.

One of Australia's favorite comedians, Tom Gleeson entertained the crowd after the presentation of the Awards.



Boral Construction Materials & Cement - Articulated Dump Truck Tip Over Driver Warning 

This innovative device provides the driver of articulated dump trucks with real time visibility of the current body roll angle to prevent potential body rollovers. By installing an inclinometer to the frame of the dump truck to constantly monitor body roll angle and connecting it back to the telemetry system, Boral has been able to display in the operator’s cabin a live feed of the body roll angle with alarms warning the operator when an excessive angle is reached.   

The system also allows operators to geo fence different areas on site, specifying speed limits. The system will alarm / warn the operator if the speed limit is exceeded. Emails are sent automatically to site management for speed limit violations and when excessive body roll angles are exceeded. The data is then used for training and performance management.   

The judges considered that this entry significantly reduces risk and addresses a real industry issue that has resulted in several serious incidents in recent time.   



Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd – Reducing Truck On-road Incidents 
Holcim aimed to reduce truck on-road incidents by introducing the Professional Heavy Vehicle Driver campaign that focused on changing the behaviour of drivers, improving their attitude to professional driving and increasing their awareness of the issues associated with safely driving heavy vehicles. 


Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd – Live Loads Video 
Holcim prepared a video “Live Loads – heighten chances of rollovers”. This training video allows drivers to understand how different concrete slump loads behave in the concrete agitator truck and how the live load could contribute to a rollover.   


Hanson Australia Pty Ltd – Indirect Biodiversity Offset 
Hanson collaborated with the Royal Botanic Gardens on a successful research project on the plant genetics of threatened species of the Victorian Volcanic Plain. The outcomes of the research provides evidence of the value of alternative native vegetation offset options that will deliver better rehabilitation and improved conservation decisions on threatened habitats and species across Western Victoria in the future. 

The judges were impressed with the detailed, evidence based application that clearly outlined the creative response to the company meeting their offset requirements.    



Hanson Australia Pty Ltd – Progressive Rehabilitation: From Research to Reality 
The Phytocap Evapotranspiration Landfill Cap trial at Wollert demonstrated how rehabilitation plantings perform an engineering function as well as producing high quality habitat in a full scale 5 hectare trial.   


Boral Construction Materials & Cement – Stakeholder Perception Benchmarking
The Stakeholder Perception Benchmarking process proactively gains insight into stakeholder opinions of various operations. This information is then used to both improve operating practices and guide decision making for community engagement. This detailed application outlined how such future focused collaboration aligns with the best practice approach to stakeholder engagement as outlined in the 'IAP2' model. The judges were impressed how this process not just relied on complaints to the site to test community ‘heat’, but went out and gained community feedback in a structured, methodical manner. 



Hanson Australia Pty Ltd – Lysterfield Quarry Community Reference Group 
Lysterfield Quarry has recently started a Community Reference Group, comprising of up to14 local residents, representatives from State Government, Council, Hanson, and an independent chair. Such a group is recognised as essential for an operation of Lysterfield’s location and scale in today’s social media savvy, online, linked in community. 


Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd – Ongoing Quarry Rehabilitation
The staged rehabilitation of the quarry conforms to stringent environmental constraints and is completed in close collaboration with the local community. This links the environmental performance of the site with positive community engagement through an active Environment Review Committee that helps to maintain the sites social licence to operate.   

Thank you to the Construction Materials Industry Dinner sponsors for helping to make the event such a success.  

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