EH&S Awards - South Australia

The Environment, Health and Safety Awards were awarded at the Construction Materials Industry Dinner, held at the internationally acclaimed Adelaide Oval on 17 July 2015.  

The EH&S Awards recognise the individuals and companies in our industry that are making outstanding contributions to environmental performance and health and safety outcomes.  Over the years, the Awards have inspired action, new thinking and encourage developments that ensure the industry goes from strength to strength.  

The winner of the Environmental Innovation Award was Hallett Concrete for their Reclaimer Surge Bin.  Hallett Concrete’s Reclaimer, turns waste concrete into virgin materials, Hallett initially purchased the reclaimer for their internal needs but decided to provide access to the reclaimer to other concrete suppliers. The reclaimer required modifications to allow this increased capacity and as a result, Hallett used a retired semi – agitator bowl as a surge bin. This innovation has dramatically increased production without further upfront cost. It is also ensuring an avenue for waste concrete to be recycled and reused in a sustainable way.  

Environmental Innovation - Winner
Hallett Concrete

There were joint winners of the Health and Safety Innovation Award, with DK Quarries and Boral Resources being recognized.  

Health & Safety Innovation - Joint Winner Health & Safety Innovation - Joint Winner
DK Quarries Boral Resources

DK Quarries manufactured their own concrete blocks and has used plumbing pipe with reflective tape as bollards to enhance traffic management on site. The judges considered the level of delineation now comparable to a large metropolitan quarry and were impressed with the focus on safety for a regional site. The innovation of allowing for signage, whilst precasting the blocks was seen to be innovative and helpful.  

Boral Resources implemented a tyre pressure checking device, which illuminates when the tyre pressure is incorrect (over or under inflated). This affordable and visual engineering aid, which completely removed the manually handling risk caused by checking the tyre pressure but also enhanced the safety of the drivers. The fact that this had led to a decrease in abnormal tyre wear and failures and increased fuel efficiency impressed the judges.  

Adelaide Brighton Cement were awarded a Highly Commended Award for their Dust Suppression System at Klein Point.  

Health & Safety Innovation - Highly Commended
Adelaide Brighton

The winners of the 2015 Awards will now be entered into the running for the national EHS Awards at the Construction Materials Industry Conference, which will be held in Melbourne in October 2016. 

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