CCAA statement outlines diversity values and goals for the industry

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CCAA Council has agreed on a high level set of values and goals for the industry on diversity through the publication of the CCAA Diversity Statement: Diversity and Inclusion in the Construction Materials Industry.

The statement sets out the industry's recognition of the social and economic benefits of increasing the level of diversity and inclusiveness in the sector. It describes the shared values of the industry, and its high level goals, whilst recognising the full range of Member company approaches to the issue. It notes that whilst the industry has made progress in creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, there is more to be done.

An initial focus on the Statement will be to improve the level of understanding of the diversity of the industry's workforce through data collection and developing measurable objectives, with an initial focus on gender. This CCAA member survey will be undertaken annually.

A high level Working member Group has also been established to progress the goals of the Statement, and to report regularly to CCAA Council on progress.