Safe Site Delivery Checklist

Posted on 3/05/2019
This Safe Site Delivery Checklist has been developed to assist concrete suppliers in determining whether it is safe to discharge to a concrete pump, including both line and boom pumps.


Guide to Residential Slabs and Footings in Saline Environments

Posted on 1/10/2018
Salts exist not only in coastal regions, but are present throughout the landscape, including the drier inland areas of Australia. These salts have the potential to not only affect the landscape and agriculture, but also the built environment.


Green Star Life Cycle Impacts – Concrete Credit 19B.1 User Guide

Posted on 1/09/2017
This document provides users of the Concrete credit with background information that will aid in meeting the technical intent of the credit.


Climate-Responsive House Design With Concrete

Posted on 1/04/2015
This publication covers the role of concrete in climate-responsive house design for each of Australia’s climate zones.


Walling - Concrete Panel Walling Systems

Posted on 1/09/2013
Various concrete panel walling systems can be used to build a concrete home. This handbook discusses the two most common ones. (The Concrete Panel Homes Handbook - Part 3, Chapters 10-12).


Reinforced Concrete Design Handbook

Posted on 29/06/2011
CCAA GUIDE HB 71 [T38]: Reinforced concrete design handbook in accordance with AS3600 - 2009, available on the CCAA website for free download.


Guide to Fire Safety of Concrete Buildings

Posted on 1/07/2010
In Australia there have been no failures of concrete buildings in fire.


Guide to Tilt-up Design and Construction

Posted on 6/02/2010
CCAA T55-2005/CIA Z10-2005: The Guide uses an 'issues-based' approach and therefore comments on matters peculiar to the design of tilt-up construction.


Concrete Basics - A guide to concrete practice

Posted on 2/02/2010
Concrete Basics provides a clear, concise explanation of all aspects of making quality concrete; from the Materials and Properties involved through Planning, Preparation, Finishing and Curing.


Guide to Industrial Floors and Pavements

Posted on 10/11/2009
CCAA GUIDE T48: This guide covers the design, construction and specification of concrete industrial floors and pavements.


Guide to The Specification And Use Of Manufactured Sand In Concrete

Posted on 1/11/2008
This guide is limited to the use of manufactured sands in portland cement concrete.


Guide to Concrete Flatwork Finishes

Posted on 1/03/2008
Concrete flatwork (pavements and floors) has become a key part of the built environment.


Guideline to Sampling for the Extractive Industry

Posted on 1/08/2006
The objective of this document is to guide sampling personnel in a simple step-by-step manner to establish the most appropriate sampling method to be adopted in a variety of situations.


Guide to Concrete for Housing

Posted on 1/06/2006
This guide is written, primarily, as a reference guide for house builders and tradespeople working with concrete, mortar and render.


Guide to Off-form Concrete Finishes

Posted on 1/05/2006
This publication provides guidance on how to achieve good quality off-form concrete finishes.


Code of Practice – Testing Frequencies for the Extractive Industry in Queensland

Posted on 1/09/2005
The purpose of this Code of Practice is to standardise testing frequencies for Queensland Extractive Industry’s products.


Guide to Residential Streets and Paths

Posted on 1/02/2004
This guide covers a wider range of elements for which concrete can be used in residential subdivisions.


Guide to Long-span Concrete Floors

Posted on 1/08/2003
Traditionally column spacings and floor spans in these buildings have been in the range of 6 to 9 metres, to both contain costs and simplify construction. However, recently there is a preference for large floor areas with column-free space and spans.


Guide to Residential Floors

Posted on 1/04/2003
This Guide describes and illustrates the various types of concrete slab-on-ground floor systems and suspended floors suitable for residential buildings ranging from single, detached houses to medium density buildings of apartments and flats.


Guide to Concrete Construction T41 HB64-2002

Posted on 27/05/2002
CCAA GUIDE T41: This guide provides guidance on concrete technology and appropriate construction techniques and processes used in concrete structures.


The Concrete Panel Guides Handbook

Posted on 1/11/2001
This handbook is meant to be used as a reference guide for all interested parties who require details about the processes involved in building concrete homes, especially concrete panel homes.


Construction: Concrete Panel Walling

Posted on 1/01/2001
This document discusses the issues concerning the construction stage for concrete panel walling. (The Concrete Panel Homes Handbook Part 2: Chapters 5-9).