CCAA Guideline Water Wash Out or Blow Back

Posted on 31/03/2021
This guideline outlines the risks and suggested controls for cleaning out concrete pump lines using blow back or water wash out procedures.


Environmental Management Guideline for Concrete Batch Plants

Posted on 3/10/2019
This risk based guideline provides guidance to operators of concrete batch plants to help them comply with their general environmental duty.


Guideline for End Tipper Unloading Exclusion Zones

Posted on 16/08/2019
This Guideline has been developed to provide an industry-wide consistent approach for End Tipper Unloading Exclusion Zones to ensure that aggregate material is delivered safely to customer sites.


Concrete Pump Delivery Guidelines

Posted on 6/05/2019
To reduce the unacceptable safety risks that may be involved in delivery of concrete to on-site pumps, CCAA has developed a new industry guidelines document and checklist.


Guideline for Pedestrian and Traffic Management at Concrete Plants

Posted on 22/11/2018
To assist industry in considering pedestrian and traffic safety at concrete plants, CCAA has developed a Guideline for Pedestrian and Traffic Management at Concrete Plants. The Guideline identifies the range of pedestrian and traffic movements at con


Workplace Health and Safety Guideline - Management of Respirable Crystalline Silica in Quarries

Posted on 18/09/2018
The purpose of this document is to provide guidance to quarry operators regarding the appropriate assessment and control of respirable crystalline silica (RCS) in Australian quarries.


Guidelines for Delivery of Bulk Cementitious Products to Premixed Concrete Plants

Posted on 28/03/2018
This document is intended primarily to provide a standardised approach for the pneumatic transfer of bulk cementitious powders into silos used by the premixed concrete industry.


CCAA Guideline - Basic Raw Material Mining Proposal Western Australia

Posted on 1/03/2018
This document has been developed to assist the proponents in preparing, and assist the assessing officers in reviewing, BRM proposals.


Assessment and Control of Environmental Noise Emission from Quarries QLD

Posted on 4/05/2015
This document provides guidance to the operators of QLD quarries regarding the appropriate procedures to adopt to control environmental noise. It has been endorsed by EHP.


Concrete Safe Site Delivery - Euro V Truck Exhausts

Posted on 1/04/2015
A hazard has been identified with trucks manufactured to comply with Euro V Emission Standards. The exhaust can be vented at ground level rather than above the cabin height.


New South Wales Concrete by-product Recycling and Disposal Industry Guidelines

Posted on 27/06/2014
NSW legislation and regulations require that all operators must minimise the amount of new resources used in the production process, ensure that as much material as possible is re-used or recycled and that any waste that cannot be re-used is disposed


First Flush And Water Management Systems: Guide And Principles

Posted on 30/08/2013
A First Flush system is an integral component of a concrete batch plant’s water management system and it needs to be designed so that in a rainfall event contaminated water is flushed into a holding pit.


The Concrete House

Posted on 5/07/2013
If you’re designing and building your dream home, concrete can help you create something that is not only stunningly beautiful but absolutely unique.


Extractive Industry Model Codes and guidelines

Posted on 30/08/2012
The development of model codes and guidelines for the assessment of extractive industrythroughout Queensland would provide significant benefits including greater transparency, certainty and consistency and ensure that the State Planning Policy 2/07


Concrete - The Responsible Choice (Sustainability Brochure)

Posted on 1/07/2012
Sustainable development can be conceptually broken into three constituent parts - social, environmental and economic.Sustainability is achieved where all three of these parts overlap.


Best Practice Guidelines For Concrete By-Product Re-Use At Concrete Batching Plants Queensland

Posted on 30/06/2012
This document provides the industry with best practice management guidelines for concrete by-product re-use management that meets legislative requirements.


Safety - It's No Accident

Posted on 21/07/2009
Manager's guide to low voltage switch board safety has been developed to provide managers and supervisors with a basic understanding of the requirements for successfully managing the risks associated with working on electrical switchboards.


Premixed Concrete Delivery To Domestic House Floor Slabs And Footings

Posted on 31/10/2008
A default slump of 100-mm for residential slabs and footings (domestic houses and townhouses only) has recently been introduced.


Premixed Concrete Delivery To Domestic House Floor Slabs And Footings - Poster

Posted on 29/08/2008
A default slump of 100-mm for residential slabs and footings (domestic houses and townhouses only) has recently been introduced.


Design Guidelines For Bulk Cement Tanker Safety Platforms

Posted on 28/07/2006
Bulk tankers are typically loaded with cement from gravity fed silos through a loading spout or sock positioned above the vehicle.