NSW Promotes Road Rules

Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia (CCAA) welcomes the NSW Government’s Road Rules Awareness Week held from 26 February – 4 March 2018. The week has been running in NSW since 2013 and provides an opportunity for road users to brush up on their road rules.

Each year, there is a focus on the most misunderstood road rules with 2018’s top 10 including navigating roundabouts, using high-beam and fog lights, and making U-turns. This year will also have a focus on safely allowing trucks to turn.

“Road Rules Awareness Week is a great opportunity to refresh road rules that make our roads safer” said Monique Andrew, CCAA NSW State Director.

“We are taking this opportunity to promote the NSW Government’s ‘Be Truck Aware’ campaign, which explores how everyone can safety interact with trucks on the road.”

The NSW Government started the Be Truck Aware campaign in 2017 to provide drivers with a greater understanding of the specific needs of heavy vehicles.


Through this campaign, road users have been educated about trucks and reminded of the following considerations:

  • Trucks can’t stop as quickly as other vehicles on our roads. 
  • The stopping distance of an unloaded B-double truck travelling at only 40km/h is 30% greater than car.
  • Avoid merging in front of trucks, or unexpectedly breaking in front of trucks.
  • Trucks have blind spots and sometimes they might not be able to see you.
  • TfNSW’s Blindspots Video demonstrates the challenges of seeing motorbikes, pedestrians and other vehicles from the driver’s seat.

“If drivers understand the limitations of trucks” says Monique, “then we can make the road safer for everyone".