SA Premier’s Awards in Energy and Mining recognise Quarry Industry Innovations

Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia applauds the South Australian Premier Steven Marshall, the Minister for Energy and Mining Dan Van Holst Pellekaan, and the Department of Energy and Mines for their ongoing commitment to recognising excellence in industry through their Premier’s Awards in Energy and Mining. 

These awards, now in their 7th year, recognise excellence demonstrated by leading resources and energy sector companies and organisations in the area of diversity, working with communities, and innovation.

The winning companies or organisations receive formal recognition for their performance and leadership in the energy, resources and METS sectors and will have an opportunity to share their experiences with government, industry and the community through expanded awareness of their winning program or project.

CCAA would like to congratulate our Foundation Members, Hanson Australia who was awarded the Excellence in Innovation: Environmental Management Award, and Boral Australia who was also a strong participant in the 2018 Awards.

The Environmental program that saw Hanson take the top spot in this category, was the same initiative that awarded Hanson the CCAA’s 2018 South Australian Environmental Innovation Award earlier this year – ‘Rowland Flat Sand Quarry Progressive Rehabilitation’.

The initiative sees Hanson progressively rehabilitate the Rowland Flat Quarry, through structured pit planning and optimising the use of all materials on site. Positive outcomes from the program include minimal visual impact, regeneration of local native vegetation using existing seed, returning the land to a state where it ties into the surrounding Barossa Valley environment, and reduced dust generation.

Macromonitors sourced data confirms that construction projects in South Australia that rely on effective supply of these quarry materials are expected to consume an average of 1.5 million cubic metres of pre-mixed concrete a year between 2018 and 2022, which is equivalent to filling 600 Olympic sized swimming pools each year. Our industry is a major contributor to the South Australian and Australian economy, and it is great to see the Premier’s Awards formally recognise excellence and innovation in our Quarry Industry.

CCAA would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all Award winners.