Victorian Quarrying Sector providing pillars to the State's Sustainability

The Victorian Quarrying Sector is making important contributions to Victoria’s environment by sustainably developing resources and providing recycled products for use in construction.

In 2018/19, 100 per cent of recovered construction materials was reused. During this period 6.3 million tonnes was recovered up by three per cent from 2017/18.

Recycled materials are valuable in construction, they can supplement raw materials as well as reduce the amount of construction and demolition materials that goes to landfill.

Processed concrete and rubble can be reused as landfill capping material, recycled into new products (road base aggregate) or sold to the public (whole concrete blocks).

In December 2020, The Department of Jobs, Precinct and Regions released the Helping Victoria Grow: Recycling in Construction information sheet which features waste recovery numbers, case studies including the Delta Group Recycling and RepurposeIt both that aim to divert and repurpose concrete, and information on the Government’s Circular Economy.

CCAA worked with the Department to produce this information sheet and are proud to be the voice of industry for re-use of concrete and supplementary materials.