Concrete Pump Delivery Guidelines

To reduce the unacceptable safety risks that may be involved in delivery of concrete to on-site pumps, CCAA has developed a new industry guidelines document and checklist. The clearly organised document explains the risks, controls for equipment operators and steps to plan a safe delivery. It provides the information and daily checklist needed to assess, analyse and act safely.

The full document can be downloaded, together with separate copies of the Safe Site Delivery Checklist and Safety Agreement.

Additional material that could be used at toolbox meetings has been developed to support key aspects of the Guidelines.

CCAA has written to Concrete Pump Operators in Queensland (June 2020) to seek their support in improving safety concerns and responsibilities for operators under the WHSQ Concrete Pumping Code of Practice 2019. Read letter here.

Safe Delivery to SiteVideo and short PowerPoint presentation

Discharging to Hoppers - Video  and short PowerPoint presentation

                                           Safe Site Delivery Checklist                                  Safe Pump Delivery Tips                                     Customer Safety Agreement