Guideline for Pedestrian and Traffic Management at Concrete Plants

Concrete plants, particularly those located in urban settings, are often situated on constricted land, with vehicles and pedestrians working in close proximity.

To assist industry in considering pedestrian and traffic safety at concrete plants, CCAA has developed a Guideline for Pedestrian and Traffic Management at Concrete Plants. The Guideline identified the range of pedestrian and traffic movements at concrete plants and provides an overview of potential controls that could be used at sites' to reduce the risk of accidents, and improve productivity. Contained within in this Guideline is also a Site Checklist to assist industry in identifying pedestrian and traffic management hazards at concrete plants.

Given that concrete sites are designed differently, no single control will be suitable. The Guideline therefore provides options for controls depending on the layout, size and capacity of the site, and whether it is a new or existing site.