Safety Data Sheets for Products Containing Respirable Crystalline Silica

CCAA members produce and supply a wide range of products which contain respirable crystalline silica. CCAA has developed a Guide to Preparing Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for Products Containing Respirable Crystalline Silica as well as three SDS templates for:

  • Cementitious Materials (Dry)
  • Wet Concrete
  • Aggregates (Course and Fine)

The SDS templates are available for CCAA members. Email to request a copy.

The purpose of these materials are to assist members to produce SDSs for their products, providing consistent and appropriate health and safety information to users. CCAA members provide information to users of their products which are based on current knowledge and best-practice workplace health and safety principles.

The Guide and SDS templates have been designed for use by CCAA member companies only and contain suggested rather than prescribed content for a SDS. It will not cover all products, situations and foreseeable conditions of use. Not all the optional wording will be necessarily used, and additional information will nearly always be required relating to other ingredients. Where there is doubt about health or safety aspects for a particular product, the relevant expertise should be sourced by member companies.

Guide to Preparing
SDS for products containing
   SDS Template for
Cementitious Materials
   SDS Template for Wet
   SDS Template for