A Discussion on the Autogenous Shrinkage Interpretation from the Experimental Shrinkage Measurement Based on the Australian Testing Procedure AS1012.13

Author: W.A. Thomas, J. Mohammadi, W. South
Type: Article in proceedings
Date: 2015-08-31
Publisher: Concrete Institute of Australia
City: Melbourne, Australia
Source: Proceedings of the concrete 2015 conference: 27th biennial national conference of the concrete institute of Australia in conjunction with the 69th RILEM week conference, 2015, pp. 875–883.
ISBN: 978-1-943847-70-9

Keywords: Drying Shrinkage of Concrete, Autogenous Shrinkage, Design Shrinkage Strain

Rights: (c) 2015 the authors

This paper discusses a suggested experimental procedure for performing an accurate assessment of the concrete shrinkage. The suggested experimental procedure is based on the Australian shrinkage assessment terms and concept, addressed in the current version of Australian Standard AS3600. Following the introduction of the current version of Australian Standard AS3600, it has been noted that there are difficulties in relating test data from concrete drying shrinkage tests carried out in accordance with the Australian Standard AS1012.13 to the design shrinkage strain calculated in AS3600. This issue arises as a result of AS3600 approach for conducting shrinkage calculation by separating the forms of shrinkage into autogenous and drying shrinkage components. This paper discusses these types of shrinkage and their relationship to shrinkage measured according to AS1012.13. It goes on to propose possible procedure of using such test results to assist prediction of the design shrinkage strain by the methods proposed in AS3600. In addition, the proposed test method for measuring the autogenous shrinkage provides a consistent experimental method, which reveals the portion of autogenous shrinkage out of the total shrinkage. Besides, the proposed test method is used for assessing the effectiveness of mitigation methods applied specifically for the reduction of autogenous shrinkage.