A Plastic-Damage Model for Concrete Under Cyclic Loads

Author: Sarikaya, A., Erkmen, E., Gowripala, N., Sirivivatnanon, V., and South, W.
Type: Conference Paper, Concrete 2019, Sydney Australia.
Date: 2019.

Keywords: Coupled Elastoplastic-Damage; Strong Coupling; Multisurface Plasticity; Cyclic Load; Stiffness Degradation.

Abstract: A constitutive model based on a novel coupled elastoplastic-damage framework is adopted for modelling of concrete under cyclic loads. Coupled elastoplastic-damage models have been used to capture both the material degradation and the permanent deformations under inelastic deformations. In this study, a multisurface plasticity framework is implemented for the modelling of concrete under compressive and tensile cyclic loads. The elastoplastic-damage framework is based on the 'direct-coupling' method in which an a-priori relationship between the total strain and the damage strain is postulated. The model is easy to calibrate since it utilises the same yield and potential functions for plasticity and damage calculations. Concrete is modelled using a pair of yield surfaces in order to capture its compressive and tensile behaviour while utilising corresponding isotropic damage variables to capture the stiffness degradations in the compressive and tensile regimes. Material parameters are calibrated using uniaxially loaded concrete experiments. The results are compared with experimental and numerical data provided in the literature.