Effects of Intergrinding 12% Limestone with Cement on Properties of Cement and Mortar  

Author: J. Mohammadi, W. South
Type: Journal Paper
Date: May 2016
Publisher: Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology
Source: Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology, 14 (5): pp.215-228  

Keywords: General Purpose (GP) cement; Limestone cement; Mortar; Mortar Sulfate Expansion; Mortar Drying Shrinkage; Mortar Compressive strength     

This paper provides information concerning the results of test programme to investigate the properties and performance of Type General Purpose (GP) cement containing up to 12% limestone. Cement properties, including chemical and physical properties and mortar properties, such as compressive strength, drying shrinkage, and sulfate expansion were investigated comprehensively for effects of introducing higher limestone content to General Purpose (GP) cement. Test results showed that there is no significant effect on most properties due to increasing the limestone addition in cement from 7.5% to a maximum of 12%.