Elasto-plastic damage modelling of beams and columns with mechanical degradation 
Author: Erkmen R E, Gowripalan N, Sirivivatnanon V
Type: Journal Paper
Date: 2017/3/19
Publisher: Techno-Press Source: Computers and Concrete, Vol. 19, No. 3 (2017) 315-323

Keywords: Alkali-silica reaction; Coupled damage-plasticity; Dynamic behaviour

Within the context of continuum mechanics, inelastic behaviours of constitutive responses are usually modelled by using phenomenological approaches. Elasto-plastic damage modelling is extensively used for concrete material in the case of progressive strength and stiffness deterioration. In this paper, a review of the main features of elasto-plastic damage modelling is presented for uniaxial stress-strain relationship. It has been reported in literature that the influence of Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR) can lead to severe degradations in the modulus of elasticity and compression strength of the concrete material. In order to incorporate the effects of ASR related degradation, in this paper the constitutive model of concrete is based on the coupled damage-plasticity approach where degradation in concrete properties can be captured by adjusting the yield and damage criteria as well as the hardening moduli related parameters within the model. These parameters are adjusted according to results of concrete behaviour from the literature. The effect of ASR on the dynamic behaviour of a beam and a column are illustrated under moving load and cyclic load cases.