The influence of the higher limestone content of General Purpose cement according to high-strength concrete test results and construction field data

Author: I. Mohammadi, W. South 
Type: Journal Paper 
Date: 29-01-2016 
Publisher: Materials and Structures 
Source: Materials and Structures, pp.51-16.   

Keywords: General Purpose (GP) cement Limestone cement Australian Standard AS 3972 High-strength concrete - Concrete creep - Drying shrinkage     

Subsequent to the publication of the Australian Standard AS 3972, “General purpose and blended (GP) cements” in 2010, it was decided to undertake a research programme to determine the effect, if any, of increasing the maximum allowable mineral addition in Type GP cement to 12 %. An increase in the mineral addition content will allow Australian cements to have a lower embodied energy and associated emissions. This summary paper discusses the assessment of high-strength concrete properties prepared by GP cement containing different contents of limestone in the range of 5–12 %. In addition, effects of changing limestone content on different types of concrete from constructional field were examined. The inferential analysis of results from fresh and hardened tests for high-strength concrete and construction field data revealed that increasing the limestone content of Type GP cement resulted in no significant change to most properties. It is recommended the maximum allowable mineral addition in Type GP of cement be increased to 12 %.