Towards a More Sustainable Australian Cement and Concrete Industry 

Author: J. Mohammadi, W. South, D. Chalmers
Type: Article in proceedings
Date: 2015-08-31
Publisher: Concrete Institute of Australia
City: Melbourne, Australia
Source:  Proceedings of the concrete 2015 conference: 27th biennial national conference of the concrete institute of Australia in conjunction with the 69th RILEM week conference, 2015, pp. 596–603.
ISBN:     978-1-943847-70-9  

Keywords: General purpose (GP) cements; Limestone cement; Australian Standard AS 3972; Australian Standard AS 2350; Sulfate expansion; Rapid chloride penetration  

Rights:   (c) 2015 the authors    

This document provides a summary of results for the comprehensive test program to investigate the properties and performance of General Purpose (Type GP) cement prepared with up to 12% limestone content. An extensive literature review was carried out initially, and then an experimental research program designed. Cement, mortar, and concrete tests were conducted on a variety of mixes to evaluate the effect of introducing higher limestone mineral addition content to cement. The test results showed that there is no significant effect on most concrete properties due to increasing the limestone addition in cement. The result of this research supports the recommendation to increase the allowable limestone content of General Purpose (Type GP) cement to a maximum of 12%