The Face of Our Industry has Changed

Australia's Heavy Construction Materials Industry has a strong commitment to workplace diversity and inclusion. Our industry employs over 30,000 Australians directly and a further 80,000 indirectly. With over $15 billion in annual revenues, it's big business and it's getting bigger everyday.

To drive that growth, our industry recognises the need for committed, talented people from all backgrounds, cultures and genders.

The breadth and depth of our industry affords great opportunities for women and to showcase just a few of the roles available, CCAA has put together a short case study video.

Hear real stories from women who are forging their careers in the heavy construction materials industry; across a range of vocations and skill sets including; quarry managers, plant operators, engineers and technicians.

Watch below to see why 'A career in the Heavy Construction Materials industry is exciting, it's diverse, it's challenging and there are a lot of opportunities' and how 'Women can be in any role that they want to be'.