Green Star Life Cycle Impacts - Concrete Credit 19B.1 User Guide

The 'Life Cycle Impacts - Concrete' Credit 19B.1 is a prescriptive pathway offered by the Green Star rating system to demonstrate reductions in the environmental impact of a building's materials, through the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, resource use and waste associated with the use of concrete. It supersedes the MAT-4 Concrete Credit, but it maintains a maximum value of three credit points. 

The credit addresses all concrete used in a project including structural and non-structural elements. Concrete masonry, including core-filled, is excluded. Pre-existing concrete that is retained in a refurbished projects, re-used concrete elements and recycled materials are addressed in Life Cycle Impacts - Building Reuse Credit 19B.3 and Sustainable Product Credit 21 and are therefore not considered in this credit.

If the cost of all poured concrete (all costs) represent less than 1% of the project's contract value, the Life Cycle Impacts - Concrete Credit 19B.1 cannot be targeted.