CCAA Innovation Awards 2019

The CCAA Innovation Awards are a two year program involving State Awards held annually in each State; the winners of which compete for the National Awards held biennially.

These awards recognise innovation in the way our industry manages Health and Safety, Environment, Community Engagement and Workplace Diversity & Inclusion. They also demonstrate the heavy construction materials industry’s commitment to continually improving its performance in these areas to a range of stakeholders, including government, industry peers and the broader community. 

Award Categories:

Environmental Innovation
This award is for outstanding achievement in developing & successfully applying a new initiative or an original solution in one or more aspects of environmental management at a concrete, extractive, or cement operation. Entries for this award may include initiatives or program for managing water, waste, energy, dust, noise, carbon off-sets, air quality or rehabilitation and flora and fauna protection.

Health & Safety Innovation
This award recognises excellence in developing and implementing an innovative solution to an identified health and safety issue.  Entries for this Award may include a product solution, engineering innovation, a training program, an awareness raising activity or other risk control measures that reduce the risk of work-related injury and illness.

Community Engagement
This award recognises an exceptional contribution a CCAA member has made in connecting and collaborating with communities and enhancing the public perception and standing of the heavy construction materials industry. For example, projects for this award category may include innovative company initiatives and measures that better inform and educate the community; involve public participation processes; deliver tangible community benefit as a result of the engagement or improves site amenity for the local neighbourhood.

Diversity & Inclusion
This award recognises an outstanding contribution that a CCAA member has made in improving the level of Diversity & Inclusion in their workplace or the industry more generally. For example, projects in this category may include initiatives that establish a working environment that supports an increase in the level of diversity in the workplace or initiatives that facilitate and encourage a greater level of inclusiveness of a workplace. All Diversity & Inclusion related initiatives are considered. In keeping with the goals published in the CCAA Diversity Policy, our initial focus is on gender; as such we particularly encourage award entries that relate to Gender diversity.

Businesses that innovate create more efficient work processes and have better productivity and performance. In holding these awards, CCAA is promoting the innovative thinking and leadership demonstrated by our members so as to inspire others to deliver improved performance within their businesses and across the industry.

The State Awards are hosted at annual CCAA Awards Dinners which are attended by over 1100 representatives of industry, government, suppliers and sponsors.  The National Awards are hosted at the Construction Materials Industry Conference, the industry’s premier biennial event. 

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