Concrete Practice Course (NSW)

Concrete Practice Course (NSW)
Registrations for this course are now open. Please allow 5-6 weeks to complete all online modules prior to attending the workshop.
Important Course Information

Part 1 - eLearning
The 14 eLearning Modules have been developed to enhance our industry's knowledge of concrete and are designed with embedded activities and assessments in a sequential, easy-to-follow, and easy to navigate format. You must successfully complete the assessment at the end of each module to progress. You will have three attempts to pass them.

Participants will only have access to the eLearning modules up until the completion of Module 14. It is advisable notes are taken about aspects of each module, therefore a notebook has been developed and participants are encouraged to proactively use it, from the start of the course (the notebook is available for download from the training portal). Participants are encouraged to bring their notebook to the workshop so they can refer to their notes and add to them during the remainder of the course.

All 14 eLearning Modules are to be completed prior to attending Part 2 of the course (the 2-day workshop). Learnings from the module will be referred to and enhanced during the two days and then assessed through group work, case studies and a final assessment.

You should allow a minimum of 5-6 weeks to complete Part 1 of the course before attending a workshop. To help make your learning experience fit in with your busy workload, the eLearning modules have been designed to completed between 30-50 minutes each. You can save and exit during each module.

Part 2 - Workshop
Attendance at the 2 Day Workshop is a compulsory to complete this course. The 2 Day Workshop[s are scheduled around the country and comprise of:
  • Presentations from industry experts;
  • Q&A panel session with industry experts;
  • Group Work and Case studies; and
  • A final assessment.
The agenda for the selected workshop along with additional course information will be sent out by email closer to the commencement of workshops.

CCAA Members - $1,800.00 (inc. GST)
Non-Members - $2,200.00 (inc. GST)

Enrolments for this course are now open. Please enrol for the workshop that best suits your location and schedule. 

Enrolments for the workshop will close five weeks prior to the commencement of the workshop to allow participants time to complete the eLearning component of the course. 

Any required travel / accommodation is to be organised and paid for by the participant.
6/11/2019 8:00 AM - 7/11/2019 5:00 PM
Pullman Sydney Airport 191 O'Riordan Street MASCOT NSW 2020 AUSTRALIA

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