Concrete Research Innovation Forum

Affordable and Innovative Infrastructure for Victoria

This Event is proudly cost-hosted by:
 Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia 

Victorian State Government
Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport & Resources

This event, builds a platform for leading product specialists from the Australian cement, aggregates and concrete industry to meet with principal academic researchers from around Victoria. In doing so, both can be informed of the issues current in industry, and learn of the breadth of research being undertaken into cement and concrete in Victoria. A further background to the event can be found 

Outcomes for the industry participants will be:
  • What work is being undertaken in the major universities in Australia
  • What are the specific expertise residing in these institutions, and
  • Who do I contact to follow up specific issues within my business.

For academic participants, similar outcomes will be

  • What are the issues of importance in the Australian cement and concrete industry
  • What are the opportunities to collaborate with other researchers?
  • What are the opportunities to collaborate with other Companies?

Throughout the afternoon participants will be able to hear of the current directions for the heavy construction materials industry in market development, and also hear the thoughts of major concrete users and specifiers as to where they see the issues and challenges for the industry in delivering the ambitious infrastructure program set for Victoria.


  Thursday 30 August 2018
Arrival: 12.45PM
Start: 1.00PM
End: 5.00PM 


  Victorian Government Conference Centre,
Level 5 Theatrette
121 Exhibition Street


  Tickets are complimentary. 
Registration is required here.
 Program:    Download the program here.

For further information, please contact Warren South, Director of Research & Technical Services on (02) 9667 8313 or email

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Victoria's Lead Scientist:
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The priorities of the Lead Scientist are to:
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