The Performance of Concrete Symposiums

Part 1 - Materials & Specifications

The Concrete Institute of Australia, proudly supported by Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia (CCAA), is hosting six symposiums in July on the performance of concrete. 

Concrete is the most widely used building material in the world. Despite the many changes in construction industry globally, concrete continues to be the benchmark material for long lasting, durable structures. As such concrete continues to be researched and developed. While new materials show promise in the construction industry they are often made from natural resources that are simply not found in quantities abundant enough to compete with, or even replace, concrete. It is for this reason that advances in concrete, and the materials that are used in it, are always being further developed, along with enhancements to generate special properties, or to achieve superior characteristics that may provide long-term durability, sustainability and performance. 

This event is Part 1 of a series on the Performance of Concrete. It will provide an update on the changes in Australia with respect to materials and conditions that impact the performance of concrete, and how these impact concrete specification, construction, and ultimately performance in this country.

What to expect?
This event will look at a wide range of concrete materials, updates in standards and use, and the impact that they have on the performance of concrete. The presenters will include industry experts in materials and performance, as well as local specifiers with local knowledge in specification challenges.

Brisbane - Tuesday 17th July
Melbourne - Thursday 19th July
Hobart - Friday 20th July
Newcastle - Monday 23rd July
Sydney - Tuesday 24th July
Canberra - 30th July

For further information including registration, please visit the Concrete Institute of Australia's website here.  

  The Performance of Concrete Symposiums Flyer 
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