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Construction materials are the foundation of our local communities. They are used to build social infrastructure, such as our roads, footpaths, parks, schools, hospitals, workplaces and our homes. 
  • Our industry employs 30,000 Australians and contributes $15 billion to the economy. We are a fundamental component of the construction industry, which contributes $200 billion to the Australian economy
  • Construction materials are high volume, low cost products that must be sourced close to their market. This means our industry is a vital member of the local community in which it operates, especially in regional and remote areas
  • Sites often have a long operational life, which means the industry will be a member of the community for the long term. This not only provides long term employment opportunities for local people but also provides investment certainty for local businesses and suppliers
  • We are committed to working with the community to ensure that infrastructure needs are met and that any operational concerns are managed to eliminate, or minimise, our impact on local communities