Concrete Technology Course

To express your interest in a 2021 or 2022 Concrete Technology Course, please email CCAA will advise you of upcoming dates and how to register once course dates have been finalised.


CCAA's Concrete Technology Course is designed to provide experienced technical staff with detailed knowledge of concrete technology specific to the building and construction industry, enabling them to better service the concrete industry specifically and the building and construction industry generally.

CCAA engages highly experienced technical specialists from CCAA member companies and other industry areas as presenters, guest speakers and facilitators for this course. This ensures a practical, current and relevant course and a valuable knowledge sharing opportunity for all participants.

For a complete course overview please refer to the attached guide.

Target Audience
The course structure and content have undergone a comprehensive review to meet the needs of building and construction technical professionals, concrete managers, engineers, specifiers, graduates and those pursuing a technical career in the concrete materials industry. 

For those considering enrolling in the Concrete Technology Course, CCAA recommends prior completion of the Concrete Practice Course and/or a minimum of five (5) years relevant industry experience. 

Course Delivery
The course is delivered in two (2) three-day face-to-face sessions, and one (1) break where students will be required to complete work.

Part 1:
 is a three-day, face-to-face session covering 21 key learning modules. During this session, students will be given detailed guidance over the required work during the break. Students are expected to have read over provided learning materials prior to attending this component.

Part 1A - Break: During a break (minimum of four weeks between sessions), students will be required to work on (a) case study(ies); mix designs, and arrange a visit to a construction materials laboratory. Outcomes from these activities will be assessed for correctness and competency and will contribute to the students' final score.

Part 2: is the final three-day, face-to-face session. This session covers the last 7 learning modules, expert presentations, and examination.

Course Structure
This course comprises 28 modules in total. The modules are grouped into six (6) key blocks and have been developed in a logical sequence to assist with the understanding of concrete technology.

For detailed list of all course modules as well as other useful information, please refer to the attached guide.

Learning Activities
To provide an opportunity to apply learnt knowledge and understanding, learning activities and questions are provided at the end of each module. Participants are encouraged to review and complete these at the end of each day. An understanding of them will ensure a good grasp of the key information presented during the course and which may provide participants with a good basis for completing the final examination at the end of the course. Click here to see the Learning Outcomes.

Assessment requirements for this course involve three components:
1. Attendance and Participation
Participant attendance will be recorded each day and will impact on final marks of the course. Each day of attendance is worth 1.5% of the overall course mark. Attendees sign in at the start of each day.
2. Reports on case study(ies), laboratory visit and mix designs
Course activities including case study(ies), mix design exercise(s) and laboratory visit requirements will be distributed during the first part of the course and participants are expected to complete their analysis of them during the course break and submit/present their findings during the second part of the course. Successful completion and submission of the reports is mandatory to gain a pass in the second part of the course.
3. Examination
There will be an examination at the conclusion of the course. This will cover the main topics and the most important aspects of each module. This will be an open book examination and will comprise both multiple choice and short answer questions.

The specific course completion includes two requirements:

  • Examination mark: minimum 75%
  • Total mark: minimum 75%

The total mark comprises the following components and weightings:

  • Attendance and Participation (1.5% for each of the 6 days): 9%
  • Satisfactory Completions of all course activity reports: 21%
  • Examination: 70%
  • Total: 100%

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate from CCAA which provides evidence of their successful completion of the course. 

Other important information:

  • Registrations will close 5 weeks prior to the commencement date.
  • Written course notes will be delivered to students upon receipt of registration. It is expected that students will have read and achieved basic understandings of the content in preparation for the course, as they will be frequently referred to and enhanced during the face-to-face learning sessions.
  • Participants may be able to claim CPD points/hours by completing CCAA courses, if the individual finds it extends knowledge and/or expertise in their areas of practice. CCAA has evaluated the Concrete Technology Course and determined that this course meets the requirements for CPD for professional associations including Engineers Australia, Building Designers Association of Australia, Materials Australia, Asset Management Council, and Australian Institute of Building. Participants are encouraged to also speak with their professional association for confirmation.


  • Engineers Australia - Type II - 60 Hours
  • Building Designers Association of Australia - Activity G - 3 Points
  • Materials Australia - CMatP - 15 Points
  • Asset Management Council - Type 2 - 60 Hours
  • Australian Institute of Building - 5 Credits

$4,000.00 (inc. GST) per person

Terms and Conditions
CCAA's Terms and Conditions and requirements for cancellations and substitutions here.

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